Φnatop job

Hired a woman to “do” a man for me. I couldn’t get past his security but he is, was?, a sucker for mousey brunettes. The hit needed to look like a natural death, I suggested she perform the “onatop” procedure, she said she has something better in mind. As I watch the two of them from across the room, his security is gainfully distracted by Angie, a local hooker who drinks too much.

The woman sits taller than him, though she is shorter, standing, by 3 inches, as she leans one elbow on the bar, her manicured hand playfully toys with her plain brown hair. She gazes up at him pretending to hang on to his every word. At her angle she is the submissive to his raging desires. The mark, thinking himself “the man” no doubt is counting the minutes to closing time so he can add her to his collection.

He might feel the pleasure of the night one last time, she has been known to allow that, he may be at the point of no return when his existence on this planet is at the point of no return, commonly known as the “Q” method of execution, or he may find himself barely bare before he shuffles off his mortal coil.


About HybridHitman

Contract killer for hire.
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