Mar & Pau

Did some Pro-bona work for a friend; he put me up in a fancy hotel in Nice, the Negresco, I think. While enjoying a good rare thirty-euro steak and even rarer female company, I reviewed the assignment portfolio. Seated two tables from me was the mark and his boyfriend! I was shocked but not surprised to see them together, Mar kept no secrets. His boyfriend was a young looking gym rat, a popular party boy named Pau.

The old Asian broad I saw with Mar last time was with them again, why she associates with his type I need to find out. I studied Mar for a while and decided to make this one look like an accident, maybe some kind of erotic blunder. Pau would take the fall, but a few in the slammer will probably seem like a vacation. The old Asian broad shot me a knowing look, she won’t be a problem.


About HybridHitman

Contract killer for hire.
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