Killer dinner

Sitting across the table to my far right is the Moroccan. Edwin has an unusual and extremely rare talent; he convinces his victims to take their own lives. One of Edwin’s crowning achievements was in the spring of 1997 when he convinced 39 people of an Eco-Terrorist group to off themselves. The group, masquerading as an oddball religious sect, was days away from perpetrating a massive attack on the Anacortes Petroleum Refinery in Washington state.

Seated next to Edwin is the Egyptian. Mohammed will only take a life on non-religious holidays. Considering the many religions in the world, that doesn’t leave many days open. That is why he only accepts high profile high pay assignments. A couple of high profile jobs earns him enough money to live the year.

To the far right on my side is the Texan. Tex is new to the field professionally, his checkered and bloody past will eventually catch up to him. It is his utter brutality that makes him a unique assett to the community.

Sitting to Mohammed’s right, across the table in front of me is the Spaniard. Jason, a master in seven martial arts, kills only using his bare hands. Jason’s favourite hit was on an actor, famous for his portrayal of martial arts in films. When the victim produced a firearm Jason became incensed and decided, in retribution, to strip and truss the corpse, leaving it in an unnatural position. He abhors weapons of any kind, except his body, of course.

Immediately to my right is the Baritone. Barry moonlights, singing opera between contracts. Or is it that he handles contracts between opera gigs. Barry favors large caliber handguns, American made preferably.

Sort of an international who’s who of contract killers. I managed to catch the last couple of days of the informal reunion we schedule every couple of years. Tonight we dine on Falafel and Soujuk Flambé at Carousel, a Lebanese restaurant on Brand Street in Glendale California. The floor show featuring the Sahlala Dancers is wonderful. I’d love to date a belly dancer, imagine that horizontal mambo!


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