Ecological eradicator education

I’m attending a fourteen day training class, right here in one of the meeting rooms in my hotel. The seminar is on environmentally friendly methods of evidence destruction. Very informative.

In between classes about environmentally neutral corpse reduction and the use of non volatile accelerates, I’ve been chasing down leads for my next contract. I got the download from Kathmandu but some of the details are a bit sketchy. I want to make sure I get the target right; I don’t want to go off half cocked, again.

I had to cut my stay in Glendale short. A few days ago, driving out from the hotel’s underground car-park, my rental sustained three new bullet holes as I rounded the corner from Burchett Street onto Central Avenue, headed for the Ventura Highway. I tried just switching cars, enduring the grilling from the Enterprise agent in regard to the damage. The most recent attack managed only a punctured tyre.

I changed the tyre in the Starbucks parking lot a few blocks down. After a triple latte and a knee trembler with the cute barista, I went back to the hotel to collect my belongings. Later, I checked into the North Anaheim Embassy Suites. I wonder how long it will take my sniper to discover that I left town. If only I could ID the shooter, I could get Tex to “interrogate” the killer for information on who initiated the contract.


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