I have a penchant for the colour red; red wine, red apples, candy-apple red sports cars, red blood, and red-headed women. Trish is a natural redhead, complete with fair and freckled skin. Trish, slender, curvy in all the right places, with an easy laugh, is an old flame of mine. We got to know each other when I was stationed in Germany. She was a foreign exchange student from her native Ireland, studying German culture.

Trish was quite the dish back in the 90’s and seeing her today, well, she hasn’t lost any of her allure. Like a fine whiskey, Trish has improved with age. Trish and I enjoyed smouldering affair those many years ago. I tried to rekindle those feelings but she has since moved on. We enjoyed a Peking duck dinner at a PF Chang’s in Anaheim California and caught up on each other’s lives.


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