After college, Trish taught at her alma mater; Trinity College, Dublin. She quickly realized teaching was not the career she desired. Within a few years, she saved enough money to start her own espionage business. She created a small but lucrative business; selling secrets and data mining. Without ties to any government or organisation, Trish operates a clearing-house, buying and selling information, with little personal risk.

Trish’s tip for me was that the contract on me might stem from a misunderstanding with a casino owner in Henderson Nevada. My contact in Henderson is an elderly Thai gentleman, goes by the name Ten. I suppress the urge to ask if he works for S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Ten tells me that his boss is not happy with me working in his territory, the American West Coast.

I mention to Ten that technically I haven’t done any jobs, yet. Fred didn’t count; he was dead when I found him. In fact, I haven’t killed anyone in over three months, and THAT bothers me. Ten pretends to dial a number on his cell phone and talk to someone in Thai. He doesn’t know that I know he doesn’t have a boss. It’s not a lie, he, is the boss. Ten concludes the call and tells me the boss is willing to make a deal.

I mention my current job, Betty. I explain that it’s not a freelance, but comes from Nepal; I don’t have a choice, I have to do her. I offer to split my fee for the job with him if he cancels the contract on me. Ten agrees, but insists I must also pay him for the money he has already laid out on the contract. Heavy sigh, but if there is one less bullet with my name on it out there; money well spent.


About HybridHitman

Contract killer for hire.
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