Floozy fatal

Gunter’s dossier on the Alpine Underground’s front-man, front-person, is surprisingly extensive. Chinese English, her family lived in Hong Kong right around the time of the handoff. Petite, her dark hair cut in the short bob common among Asian girls her age, Katie graduated secondary school at sixteen. Married by age twenty six, joined the Alpine Underground when she met her husband about seven years ago.

Despite all this information, it isn’t until I was halfway through my second single malt scotch, neat, that I realised the woman in front of me is Katie. Her black on black hotel wait staff uniform, accented only by a simple silver watch and silver wedding band,  cannot hide all her lovely curves. Katie had agreed to meet me in the hotel bar, I didn’t expect her to be working the bar too.

“There are no paid members of the A.U.”, Katie laments, explaining why she is tending bar. Katie goes on to tell me that her position in the organisation is more of a receptionist, directing inquiries and the like. “I know you were a target but not why”, Katie counters, brushing off my amorous advances. “I don’t usually know anything about operations, but I overheard the job came from Nepal.” Katie concludes. Nepal, interesting, disturbing, but very interesting indeed. After a bit more chatting and rebuffed advances, I decide I’m done here. I considered performing a Floozy Fatal, you know, just to tie up any loose ends, but decide she might come in handy, no pun intended, some day.


About HybridHitman

Contract killer for hire.
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