Kathmandu strip club

Jaxon and I part ways, he off to Tribhuvan Airport to procure an Mi-17 helicopter gunship for a new client intent on a little mayhem; I to Belize. Rats, commercial air.

Having a few hours to kill while waiting for a flight out, I decide on a local Strip Club; Xavier’s, one of my favourites in the region.

The techno beat of the house music played by the Death Mouse want to be has put me in a trance. A trance that allows me to bury some of the pain and confusion of the past month. The dancers here are mostly Chinese and Sherpa; not too unattractive, depending on one’s level of sobriety. Suddenly Death Mouse stops the thump thump thump dirge and cranks out a soft rock tune while announcing the name of the next dancer.

“Welcome to the main stage, Cindeeeee”. Cindy is a U.S. American graduate student, in Anthropological studies or something. A petite brunette sporty girl, she was part of an Everest summit team from North America. Lance, the team leader and Cindy’s employer slash lover died in an ill timed summit attempt; leaving his team stranded in Nepal. The Sherpas of course went back to their village, but the rest of the team, dependent on the money from Lance’s trust fund, were marooned. Cindy, without many useful skills, capitalized on her looks; “in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king”. Cindy works the pole with the strength of a gymnast.

Instantly, I am smitten. I elect to spend some time with her in a private room. She works her magic, lifting my weary soul as well as getting little Majes’ attention. I begin to fall in love with this siren of the stage. In a break between songs, exacerbated by a breakdown of the DJ’s equipment, I get to know this lass a little. Groomed, in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains in U.S. America, to become an aristocrat, this perfectly slender specimen of femineity was educated in the highest standards of the American culture. Being the strong willed independent woman she is however, Cindy decided to take up with wildcard Lance, instead of a proper suitor chosen for her. Cut off from the family’s money, Cindy is working in this dive, eager to earn enough to fly home. With any luck, she may just get the chance tonight.


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